Following the safe arrival of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s new baby boy, we are celebrating new mums everywhere and sharing our #5 top tips for back pain- free motherhood.

As we come to the end of an exciting week of baby news in the Royal household, it’s been lovely to see the coverage of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle sharing the first glimpses of the #7 in line to the throne.  But whilst the world is most interested in whom he looks most like, or why they’ve chosen the name Archie, we are thinking more about how Meghan might be feeling physically. As Prince Harry rightfully said himself  ‘how any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension!’

Whilst the ‘Markle Sparkle’ was clear to see at the photo call on Wednesday, the overwhelming feelings of love and wellness after having a baby can also be offset with lower back pain caused by the weakened abdominal muscles and altered posture.  Hormonal changes can also loosen joints and ligaments, and often don’t go away straight after birth.

We certainly see many young mums struggling with back pain that has been a direct onset from pregnancy, birth and managing a new baby.

Here are our #5 top tips for reducing back pain and enjoying pain free time with your new bundle of joy!

#1 Keep Moving

Gentle exercise such as walking and swimming can do wonders in re-balancing the body and building strength back up again slowly.  If you are walking with a stroller or pram make sure to keep your back straight, and walk tall.  When you’re feeling a little more agile, gentle yoga can be a fabulous way to further strengthen your back.  There are lots of classes to take your baby to for a relaxing experience you can enjoy together.

#2 Let Your Knees do the Work

Kneel on a soft towel or bathmat when bathing your baby, and keep your back straight trying not to lean over too much.  Always try to change nappies on a raised surface, even if that is kneeling at a sofa or bedside.  (Just don’t leave the baby unattended in case they roll or fall).

#3 Feed well

Make sure to sit in a comfortable, supportive chair, with your bottom sat well back in the seat of the chair.  Use a cushion to support your lower back and raise the baby up to the breast or bottle with cushions to avoid hunching over.  If feeding is still uncomfortable and you find yourself looking down too much admiring your baby, try lying on your side until you find the right position for you.

#4 Let someone else do the heavy lifting

If you are at the supermarket, ask trolley staff for help putting heavy bags in to the car.  At home, don’t carry the baby around for too long.  Ask your family and friends to help you with jobs and tasks to avoid over extending yourself.  If you have to lift, bend the knees and use your thigh muscles as you lift.

#5 Be kind to yourself

It’s all-consuming looking after a delicate little life 24 hrs a day, make sure to take time for yourself too.  A lovely warm bath can be a really relaxing retreat for a new mum, even if it’s only for 10 mins or at an odd time of day or night!  Make sure the baby is looked after or safely asleep and take some me-time to re-charge and relax your body.

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