Working from home has become a reality for many people, and although many are returning to the office, plenty still are facing a permanent shift to some level of home working.

If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to review your workspace to make sure your bones and muscles are sitting comfortably whilst you’re putting the hours in.

There is the ‘ideal’ workstation – and the ‘make space where you can’ workstation. The ideal would include a desk at a height to allow your arms to sit at a 90-degree angle, an adjustable seat so that your knees are also at a 90-degree angle with adequate leg room, a pc/laptop screen with adjustable angle and height …and the list goes on. But ‘ideal’ is not always possible at home, but here are a few ‘hacks’ to help you to get the best out of the set up you have available to you.


It is important that the top of your laptop monitor is at eye level. You may not have the use of a desk for your laptop at home, but with the right positioning you can use a kitchen surface, dining table or even a wide sturdy ironing board. By using a stand with a separate keyboard and mouse you can replicating a more ‘pc’ like set up that can be positioned in a way that ensures a better posture. You may be able to find a sturdy block or box that could get this right for you. An ergonomic mouse will help to make sure your hand and wrist are in a more natural position.


You may have to use a dining room chair or a sofa as a part of your home set up, but there are inexpensive things that could help make that experience less damaging to you in the long term. Seat wedges can help you to sit you upright and make sure your posture is correct. Another choice to consider is a stability cushion. These air-filled cushions require you to use the muscles supporting your back helping your structure and stopping you from slouching.


Holding a phone whilst trying to type can cause you to strain your neck so if you’re not equipped with a headset – then using headphones or earphones with your mobile phone or pc might be a good choice for you.

Get moving

Set a ‘get up, stretch and reset’ alarm at regular intervals. You don’t have to stop what you are doing, but taking less than a minute to stand up, stretch your legs, arms and back can make you more productive in the long run. Then, take a second to think about how you are sitting before those fingers get back tapping away.

Lastly, take a break

Rain or shine, make sure you take a lunch break and get out the house. The beauty of working from home is you should have the right shoes/boots/coat for walking in any weather, so get the breath of fresh air that your body will thank you for. Up your step count, relax your eyes and stretch out your muscles and bones. You will be far more energised for those last few hours of your workday.

If you are concerned about any discomfort that you are experiencing Frameworks Clinic can work with you on a precise treatment programme to re-balance and realign the body, so make sure you get in touch.

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