Frameworks Clinic has often treated sportsmen and women for injuries or misalignments sustained from hard training, whether in football, rugby or other sports we are all familiar with.  But in recent months we have been working with Jim Crossley, whose sport of choice is a little different to most!

Jim is a speed sailor; if you haven’t heard of Speed Sailing you won’t the first, it’s a niche sport popular on the continent particularly in Holland and France.

Speed Sailing is the art of sailing a craft at the fastest possible speed over a pre-determined distance and is measured as an average speed.  This extreme sport sees sailors reaching speeds upward of 50 knots.

Jim’s love of water sports started at the tender age of 8 as a windsurfer and progressed into speed sailing 10 years ago.  He is the fastest sailor in Britain making him British Champion for the last 3 years. 

Channelling ‘Extreme’

This week sees Jim and the fraternity of speed sailors from around the world heading out to Namibia, to make the annual Speed Challenge pilgrimage to the fastest place on water, Lüderitz.  This coastal town in southwestern Namibia is a very special location with a modified canal (known as the ‘channel’) and perfect weather conditions for breaking speed records on water. 

See more about Jim’s previous experience at Lüderitz

Pushing his body to the (speed) limit!

Jim is going for the record attempt this year, but the journey & training to get there this year hasn’t been easy.  Despite continuing with strength and stamina training at David Lloyd, Ringwood, the aggressive impact this extreme sport has put on Jim’s body has been intense.  Sailors wear jackets with lead weights to make their upper bodies heavier by up to 10kg, in order to hold their bodies in the lowest possible position whilst sailing.  This coupled with the impact of training on water has sustained a back injury for Jim.  He came to Frameworks in hope of help with his back problems.

‘The pressure and strain of the sport has really put my back out of shape’ Jim told us. ‘There was a point where I couldn’t stand straight, and couldn’t lie on one side at all’.

Our clinician at Frameworks set to work, applying the principles of our CORE 4 back pain solution – firstly focusing on stabilising the foundation of Jim’s back – the hips. Using our precise techniques and applying the correct level of energy, his hips were brought back into alignment.  Once the hips were stabilised, we focusing on re-aligning his spine through gentle manipulation, and fine tuning to ensure Jim was ready for the challenge.

Jim kindly reviewed the treatment he received saying he was ‘very impressed having had multiple issues diagnosed and resolved beyond all expectation’.  We’re delighted we have helped you Jim!

The Frameworks Team wish Jim much success this week with the record attempt, and look forward to seeing you back in the UK later on in November to hear all about it.

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